Monday 24 September 2018

Tribesmen triumph as JBM's rebels fade

Galway 2-28 Cork 0-22 All-Ireland SHC quarter-final

Galway’s Jonathan Glynn tries to race clear of Galway’s Aidan Walsh
Galway’s Jonathan Glynn tries to race clear of Galway’s Aidan Walsh

Man of the match, battering ram, internet sensation … it was all there for Jonathan Glynn yesterday in Thurles.

You name it, he ploughed directly into it.

His delicate and thoughtful prose on the subject of Galway's supposed unilateral attack on RTé television after Galway obliterated Cork in their All-Ireland quarter-final was the case in point.

"F***ing bullshit," he mused of the accusation to a shocked nation only just coming 'round from the shock of a couple of his thundering hits, not to mention his first-minute, keepy-uppy goal, the one that confirmed that Galway were having one of their 'on' days and that Cork better be ready.

And the preceding 70 something minutes of Glynn-powered maroon dominance was the ultimate case in point.

Joe Canning, the man so weighed down by the weight of Galway expectation and scoring burden, he is said to sometimes walk at right angles, had one of those days when he looked mortal. Worse.


Shooting-wise, he just looked plain bad. Managing eight miscues at goal - or, for context, the entire Cork wides tally.

Yet the rest of the Galway forwards not so much took up the slack as forced Canning into the role of accomplice, rather than his usual gig as frustrated inspiration.

Glynn, whose stylings could be closely compared to both a bulldozer and a skyscraper, was the obvious and brutish example.

"It was tremendous. He's a fantastic athlete," gushed his manager, Anthony Cunningham.

"The amount of work Johnny puts in, the same as all those guys. If we train three or four times a week, they're training another three times to get them right and to rehab.

"That's the way the game has gone and we spoke about that during the week.

"Johnny is an example of a player of what we need, a player to develop in the gyms over the winter and what the development programmes in Galway should be producing."

There were others, too, on a day Galway trampled all over Cork, making Mark Ellis - their much-vaunted sweeper - seem anonymous to the point of irrelevance.

Cathal Mannion's dream second season continues and his seven points from play were the perfect illustration of that.

Jason Flynn, all flicks and tricks, was another to sparkle while the latest teenage attacking Galway sensation, Conor Whelan, made his debut and scored 1-2.

Canning, meanwhile, was limited to a point from play and yet Galway won by 12.

"It's a team game at the end of the day. Nobody leans on anybody," said Canning afterwards.

"We lean on ourselves. Individually first and then collectively as a team.

"We need to put pressure on ourselves to perform as individuals first to get our own game right and then come together as a team."

A team who really didn't come together yesterday were Cork.

Galway bullied them physically. They found space in a defence that appeared briefly to have tightened somewhat. And they scored 2-28 whilst shooting 23 wides.

Yet Jimmy Barry-Murphy insisted: "I can't wait for next year" when asked as to whether he had any future as their manager.

"In fairness to the players, they tried their heart out but we just weren't good enough," he shrugged. "We were comprehensively outplayed all over the field, you just feel that we made a bit of a fight in the second half for a period, but it was a lost cause."

Galway, meanwhile, march on to Croke Park and Tipperary on August 16.

"We are not going into a semi-final thinking we won't win it," Canning added. "When we set out at the start of the year our one aim was to win an All-Ireland. This is the next step on the ladder. "


SCORERS - Galway: C Mannion 0-7, C Whelan, J Glynn 1-2 each, J Canning 0-5 (2f, 1 '65, 1 sideline), J Flynn 0-3, A Harte, C Donnellan, David Burke 0-2 each, A Smith, N Healy, J Cooney 0-1 each. Cork: P Horgan 0-9 (7f, 1 '65), C Lehane, S Harnedy 0-3 each, D Kearney 0-2, A Walsh, C Murphy, B Lawton, P O'Sullivan, A Cadogan 0-1 each.

GALWAY: C Callanan 7; J Coen 7, J Hanbury 8, P Mannion 8; Daithí Burke 7, I Tannian 6, A Harte 8; A Smith 7, David Burke 8; J Flynn 8, J Canning 6, C Donnellan 6; C Mannion 9, J Glynn 9, C Whelan 7. Subs: C Cooney 7 for David Burke (34 inj), D Collins 7 for Donnellan (57), G Lally 6 for Tannian (60), F Moore 6 for Smith (65), N Healy 6 for Glynn (67)

CORK: A Nash 7; S O'Neill 6, B Murphy 5, S McDonnell 5; A Walsh 5, M Ellis 5, C Murphy 6; D Cahalane 5, D Kearney 6; B Lawton 5, P Cronin 5, B Cooper 5; C Lehane 7, S Harnedy 6, P Horgan 7. Subs: J Coughlan 6 for Cronin (h-t), A Cadogan 7 for Lawton (47), P O'Sullivan 7 for Cooper (56)

WIDES - Galway: 23 (9 + 14) Cork: 7 (3 + 4)

BOOKED - Galway: (Glynn 12, Donnellan 25, Canning 31) Cork: (Cahalane 8, 50, Cooper 34)

SENT OFF - Cork: 1 (Cahalane 50 second yellow)

REF: J Owens (Wexford).

ATTENDANCE: 33, 150 .

MAN OF THE MATCH: Jonathan Glynn (Galway).

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