Wednesday 11 December 2019

Top Cat Cody shows claws

IT'S not every day you do four-in-a-row, and maybe that explains why Brian Cody took umbrage at Marty Morrissey's line of questioning during a memorable post-match RTé interview yesterday afternoon.

Basil Fawlty's "don't mention the war" sprung to mind as the Sunday Game's 'boundary rider' had the temerity to "mention the penalty" during an interview that was going perfectly smoothly until that point. For those of you who didn't tape the game, the good news is that the Cody/Morrissey tete-a-tete is already available on YouTube. Here's the shoot-out in full.

CODY: "We had a corner-back scoring a point from 90 yards at one stage. We had Tommy Walsh grab a ball in the sky. Henry (Shefflin) stood up to a penalty -- the toughest penalty he was ever going to face in his life, everything riding on it, and he just buried it."

MORRISSEY: "Was it a penalty, Brian, do you think?"

CODY: "Diarmuid Kirwan certainly gave a penalty. If you start wondering about all the frees in the course of the game, you'll have a fairly busy time. Did you think it was a penalty yourself, Marty?"

MORRISSEY: "I wasn't too sure but it just seemed a little bit dodgy in the replay."

CODY: "I have no idea, Marty. Did you check all the other frees as well to see were they dodgy also? Maybe you should, maybe you should."

MORRISSEY: "In terms of the referee, were you pleased overall? I'm sure you are now, considering you've won the All-Ireland, but did you think he allowed a lot to go?"

CODY: "Ah Marty, please, give me a break will you. The referee - we're supposed to say nothing about the referees. I make a habit of saying absolutely nothing about referees. Diarmuid Kirwan, I am certain in my head, was going out to be the very best he possibly could be. You seem to have had a problem with him; you tell me."

MORRISSEY: "I had no problem with him, but it's obviously a point of debate after the game. In terms of ... "

CODY: "I can't understand, Marty, how this discussion with me is turning into a debate about a referee. It started off about the four-in-a-row; now you want to talk about a referee, it sounds a bit silly."

MORRISSEY: "It's a talking point. The point is - and this is the most important thing, Brian Cody -- is you've won the All-Ireland for the fourth year in a row and nothing should take away from that."

CODY: "Well I was taking nothing from it, Marty, for certain, except the sheer pride and absolute joy."

MORRISSEY: "And we're all sharing that joy and success."

MICHAEL LYSTER: "I don't know whether Marty will be buying the (Cody) book after that!"

GER LOUGHNANE: "Will somebody please pick up Marty off the floor there!"

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