Sunday 17 December 2017

Tipp: 'No foundation' to rumour of bust-up with Corbett

TIPPERARY county board secretary Tim Floyd has broken the omerta of the dressing-room in his annual report to convention - but only to confirm that nothing untoward took place at half-time during the Premier's now infamous All-Ireland semi-final thrashing by Kilkenny.

Describing it "one of the most unusual games in years," Floyd acknowledges that Lar Corbett's late re-emergence from the dressing-room coupled with his bizarre punch-and-judy routine with Tommy Walsh and Jackie Tyrrell have led to heavy speculation of a clash between the player and outgoing management during the break.

"Lar Corbett was encouraging all the players and warned the subs to be ready to come on and finish the battle," writes Floyd.

"Tommy Dunne spoke about breaking down the second half minute by minute and controlling each moment as it arrives.

"Declan Ryan asked Declan Fanning to address the players on winning the aerial ball which Fanning did by asking players to spread themselves and control and win their own area.

Finally Conor O'Mahony spoke about the pain of losing last year to Kilkenny and asked every player to make sure it does not happen again.

"Whilst it's not normal to reveal such details from our team's half-time dressing room," Floyd continues, "I feel I must dispel all the unhelpful speculation which has no foundation whatsoever.

"Regarding Lar's late arrival for the second half, when I realised he was not on the field, I returned to the dressing room to find him changing his boots. He spent most of the half-time break rousing the other players and obviously left it late to attend to his footwear."

JASON RYAN insists the narrower focus of his new brief with Kildare will help him concentrate solely on football and disregard the peripheral issues which fall under the manager's remit.

Ryan linked up with Kieran McGeeney and fellow selector Damien Hendy for the Lilies first collective training session of the new season on Saturday and it is not yet known whether that trio will be augmented by any additional appointments.

However, Ryan insists he is more than happy to be the team's trainer after five years as manager with Wexford.

"In the last five years, it just doesn't stop," he insisted.

"Whether I'm worried about the sports injuries side of things, I'm worried about the psychology side of things, the strength and conditioning, tactics. Is the bus going to be on time? Will that T-shirt fit them? Are those jerseys too small?," he mused.

"I don't have to think about that now. I can look forward to just studying opposition, studying our tactics and figuring out the best way that maybe we can play and then make my suggestions and work with Kieran and Damien on that."

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