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Time for GAA to play fair

Boylan calls for total re-think on calendar


Seán Boylan

Seán Boylan

Seán Boylan

Meath football legend Seán Boylan has called for a "total assessment" of the GAA playing calendar.

The four-time All-Ireland-winning manager insists that the association must "do what's right for the player".

Boylan holds out hope that the long-lasting ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic will force changes within the structures of the GAA.

And the 77-year-old is adamant that inter-county players should not be forbidden from regularly representing their clubs, as has been the case in many counties in recent years.

"Haven't we all been stopped in our tracks?" Boylan said. "It's time for a total assessment, total fair play. 

"Do what's right for the player. Let him play club championship and trust that he's going to be right for the county. Don't ban him from playing with the club. If you do, you'll get nowhere and it's the same the other way around.

"Let them go back and be club men for a while. County players will keep themselves right anyway but can you imagine what it's going to do for the clubs to have all their top players there for the summer? It's brilliant and clubs will be thriving."

The GAA's decision to enforce sanctions on counties that return to training before September 14 also delighted Boylan - who managed the Royal footballers from 1982 to 2005 - and he feels that the club must now get priority.

"Championship comes first. If club championship is first then you play that, plain and simple. You can't serve two masters at the one time.

"You have to trust the lads that they're going to be ready. That sounds simplistic but it's not really," he said.