Sunday 20 January 2019

Tierney set to discuss Twitter storm on RTE show

Michael John Tierney will be one of the guests on RTE's 'The Committee Room' tonight where he is expected to discuss his controversial tweet following Laois' defeat to Dublin in the Leinster Football Championship on Sunday.

A Twitter entry accredited to Tierney was broadcast on the most recent episode of 'The Sunday Game', and the Parnell's man has since come in for some criticism for breaking the omerta of the dressing room after he announced he was "disillusioned" following Laois' Croke Park defeat to Dublin, in which he was an unused substitute.

Tierney subsequently slammed the Sunday Game for highlighting the post, stating: "I know Twitter is a public forum but you need to follow me to read my tweets and Des Cahill follows me.

"Why bother bringing it up? They were making something out of nothing. It says more about the quality of The Sunday Game that they have to talk about a tweet by me.

"That's the stupidest part of it. Obviously, they haven't much to be talking about and that's the truth of it."

The GPA, meanwhile, are is in the process of constructing a set of guidelines for its members regarding the use of Twitter and other social media, as the debate over use of the website increases.

A spokesperson for the players' body confirmed that the document would contain advice in order to "protect the players themselves", but insisted that the use of the website remained their own personal responsibility and that, as amateurs, they were free to express themselves how they wished.

"It's a private matter for people, and one of choice, who are perfectly entitled to express themselves freely," said spokesperson Seán Potts. "We will be issuing guidelines to our members to protects them, particularly their reputation.

"It's a public forum and the same principles and guidelines apply.


"We would be concerned that a player could find himself in trouble over content on their Twitter accounts. The guideline would merely be for the protection of players."

Back in April, the GAA announced that it would be releasing a similar document, aimed at increasing awareness among players sas to the potential dangers of tweeting, and the body also confirmed that it would not attempt to regulate the practice.

"Any social media that's there; people have to realise once they publish on it, it's for public knowledge," said communications director Lisa Clancy.

"We'll be issuing overall social media guidelines for everybody -- players and officials -- just to give them a guide to make them aware of the responsibilities they will have if they're going on Twitter (for example). But everybody's personal Twitter is up to themselves."

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