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St Conleth's is utter 'disgrace'

"THE dressing rooms are about as big enough for a couple of five-a-side teams; the referee's area is overcrowded once the linesmen join the match official and as for the press box, Jesus, don't get me started ...

"For a county that boasts one of the biggest followings in the country it is nothing short of disgraceful that we cannot hold a home game that is likely to attract anything close to 8,000 ...

"St Conleth's Park remains, in this writer's view, an absolute ideal location in the centre of town if it can get not just a makeover but a complete and utter revamp ...

"If the refusal of the CCCC to allow Kildare play Limerick in round three of the qualifiers does nothing else, it might, and I emphasise might, just help to concentrate the minds and finally put an end to the embarrassment that Kildare GAA's number one ground is. The time for a splash of paint, fresh soap and new 'smellies' in the loos to keep the natives on side is well and truly gone."

- Tommy Callaghan of the LEINSTER LEADER looks closer to home in the fallout from last weekend's Kildare/Limerick venue row.

Ulster Herald sees Red

"RABID for revenge after those well-documented losses to the Red Hands in their three previous All-Ireland clashes, the Kingdom were streets ahead in terms of teamwork, speed, physicality and passion ... and how the vast bulk of the goading crowd in the 24,370 attendance lapped it up."

- Can we surmise the ULSTER HERALD views Kerry folk as ungracious?

Harte beats for Tyrone

"THEIR people are most respectful of Tyrone and Tyrone football, and that's all I got when I came down here, total respect from all of the people, on and off the field."

- Mickey Harte, talking to the TYRONE COURIER, paints a different picture.

Limerick fade to grey

"IT was without doubt the finest 70-minute performance ever from a Limerick senior football side. In extra-time Limerick just couldn't give any more."

- The LIMERICK LEADER laments their Lilywhite heartbreaker.