Monday 19 August 2019

Scallion-Eaters' 'laithroidí mór'

"Corner-forward Daniel St Ledger put it best when he told The Nationalist: 'In previous years we would have collapsed but this team have serious balls. I cannot even describe it. Balls ... grit ... that is all I can say.'"

The CARLOW NATIONALIST reveals the secret behind the Scallion-Eaters' history-making victory over Louth last Sunday. It's all down to liathroidí -- or cojones, as they call them in south Kerry. Seriously.

Councillor livid at Wee 'disgrace'

"'It's incredible that Louth cannot stage a game like this (the SFC qualifier against Meath). It's a disgrace that for the past 20 or 30 years nothing was done to bring the county grounds up to a proper standard,' ex-Louth and Longford player Richie Culhane fumed.

"'The amount of revenue being lost to the town is huge. The thousands who will be heading off to Louth's 'home' match will be spending their money out of town ... It's just ridiculous. The whole thing has been put on the long finger for years and it's the fans who are now suffering.

"'When I was playing with Longford I admired the support Louth got and I feel so sorry for them ... It's just farcical. There's been a lot of talk and little action, that has to stop. We are the biggest town in Ireland and there's nothing.'"

Local borough councillor Richie Culhane makes his vocal contribution to the 'talking shop' over Louth's unwanted status as the only county unable to host an inter-county qualifier. Courtesy of the DROGHEDA INDEPENDENT.

Earth moves for Carlow after win

"On the field, manager Luke Dempsey spoke of how 'a volcano had erupted'. In the dressing room AD/DC's Thunderstruck rang out as the players celebrated their victory.

"Whether it was a volcano or thunder, the earth shook for Carlow football as Rathvilly man Brendan Murphy held his nerve to loft over the winning score with virtually the last kick of the game against Louth on Sunday."

Even the CARLOW NATIONALIST computer keyboards were caused to shake by seismic events in Portlaoise. Either that or they don't appreciate their AC/DC.

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