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Saints seek new leader

THERE'S a job going at Newcastle. It doesn't involve an eight-year contract!

A firm handshake will do for the Finian's folk. That has always been their way.

They are looking for a person to manage and train their ladies' football team. The role bristles with potential.

Last season, the Saints were on the threshold of glory. They came third in Division 4. They repeated that trick in the Cup.

The panel are honest and hard-working. They don't reserve Mondays and Wednesdays for Coronation Street.

They offer the best of welcomes and first-class facilities. The club have done much with the ground.


It's a real treat to venture out to the venue. It's a neat hamlet of the busy village.

Drive down past the houses, turn at the narrow lane and you are into a big car park.

The clubhouse and dressing-rooms are impressive. Mick Harney always ensures that the kettle is on the boil.

There's some interesting pictures on the wall. Black-and-white shots that tell of times past.

Finian's have been rewarded for their efforts. They have hosted some important championship matches.

They are sure to get many more. In the meantime, they are anxious to focus on this particular piece of house-keeping. The ladies have been very much part of the club's progress. They have gained Dublin recognition.

Last August, Fintan O'Curry and his crew led Dublin to the All-Ireland Minor Championship title.

There were two Finian's players on board -- Ciara Trant and Nora Harney. Ciara and Nora's achievements continue to inspire the young Saints. The Dublin duo are role models in the community.

Many more Dubs are sure to emerge from these parts, a location that cherishes its football.

The Division 4 ladies' side are keen to press on. And the new boss will be given every help possible. Mick Harney has ordered the extra tea-bags already.

On and off the pitch, Finian's Rainbow has never looked brighter.

p For more information, please contact Katie Harney on 087-7827329 or by email at harneykatie@yahoo.ie.