Sunday 20 October 2019

Ryan's on alert after head woe


Ryan McHugh may have to modify his ball-carrying style of play after being forced to take two concussion lay-offs last year, writes Frank Roche.

Ahead of Sunday's Ulster SFC trip to Fermanagh, the Donegal All Star said: "I was talking to Dad (Martin) about maybe changing the way I play.

"Again, it's easy to say that sitting around a table ... but when you're going into Brewster Park, in the heat of a championship battle, if there's a ball between two people then it's extremely hard to pull out.

"If you're told, 'Run', it's extremely hard not to take the ball and go, if you think you need to score.

"There are aspects of my game that I definitely can change, maybe kick the ball a wee bit more, try to run without the ball more than run with it."

On last year's concussion history, he said: "I'd played three (league) games in a row and it wasn't until about a week and a half later, at training one night, I felt dizzy and lost a wee bit of vision.

"I went straight over to Kevin (Moran, Donegal's doctor); he pulled me straight out and assessed me and I got a scan the next day and it showed what I had. So I was out for six to eight weeks.

"The second one was a bit different, it was a bang to the head against St Vincent's of Dublin in a challenge match for the club. That one I actually can't remember everything, which is worrying. When you come back around to yourself, you're in the dressing-room and I remember our physio was asking me questions and I couldn't answer them.

"But thank God, as time has gone by, it has come back to me."

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