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Ryan suffers injury doing 'something with county'


Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan


Liam Ryan

Chances are Rapparees senior hurling boss Padge Walsh probably had the words out of his mouth before he realised it when revealing that Wexford full-back Liam Ryan broke his foot "doing something with the county team".

In a video interview with Wexford Today previewing the Wexford SHC, Walsh let it slip that Ryan had picked up an injury before clubs officially returned to training which sees him ruled out of action for the immediate future.

"We're in big trouble," Walsh said. "Liam is in big trouble at the minute, he's on crutches and has a boot on his foot. He picked up an injury doing something with the county team or something.

"He has a bone broke in the bottom of his foot and obviously he's going to be out for the championship, simple as that. Liam is such a colossus for us, he's such a big player for us it's unreal.

"We're trying to play catch up, it's not ideal for any team, it's not just us. Just two weeks of contact hurling before a championship match surely wouldn't be ideal."

With Rapparees opening their Wexford SHC campaign against Shelmaliers on Saturday week, there is no hope of Ryan, who is pictured on crutches with a protective boot on his left leg, being fit to play as he tries to negotiate a serious injury.

The loss of Ryan is a killer blow for the Enniscorthy side with Walsh clearly unimpressed with the fact that he will be without his star defender for the rapid-fire championship because of an injury picked up outside of club training.

The big question is how the injury occurred when county training was not allowed under GAA rules during recent months as a direct consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is likely to have been plenty of other disgruntled club managers around the country lamenting the absence of their county stars before the Association decided to row back on an earlier directive and tow a harder line by putting stricter sanctions in place for counties which breach the regulations.