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Rosmini ready for Duffy date

THE Regency Hotel in Whitehall has provided a fair portion of entertainment down through the years.

Rosmini Gaels play across the road, and over the past few decades they have also kept the faithful happy.

Their black and red jerseys continue to trot out Sunday after Sunday. And they are more determined than ever that the show will go on.

This year has been a good one. A solid campaign in the AFL Division 12 North, and flourishing runs in the Junior E Football Championship and in the Duffy Cup.


Last Sunday, in the duel of the Gaels, Rosmini overcame Liffey Gaels in their Plunkett's parlour by four points, 2-8 to 0-10, to progress to the Duffy Cup final.

The semi-final victory has sparked much excitement. "It was a great match and a good win for us. All our focus is now on the final," states Rosmini's Alan Kelly. "We are happy with the way the season has gone. The lads have done really well this year.

"We had a decent league. We are third. We lost a couple and had the odd draw, so we won't make the promotion play-off.

"Because the division is split into north and south, only the top two qualify for the promotion play-off, so we won't make it at this stage.

"Yet it was nice to be still in contention in three competitions so late in the season. The more football we play the better.

"We are a small club. We only have the one team, but doing well keeps giving the fellas the incentive to keep at it every Sunday."

Rosmini have a squad of 32. Due to work commitments, they are not all available on match day.

"We have about 12 players who are available for every game, so that's a good starting point. And we are lucky that we have such good playing and training facilities at the Plunkett's VEC," explains Alan.

Being fit and focused is part of the Rosmini diet. There's no such thing as an easy game in Dublin football.

"Take that junior E championship," explains Alan, "it includes teams from divisions 8 to 12. And I have to say it's a fairly even standard. There's not that much difference between the teams."

In the past, the Gaels have brought home the gold. And it looks likely that the trend will continue.


"The club has been going since the 1960s. And we are still going, so that's the main thing.

"Everybody is enjoying their football, and this season's exploits will encourage us even more for next year," remarks Alan. And, as they know so well down in Kerry, there's nothing like the bit of silver to shorten the winter.