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'Referees must be fairer to O'Shea'

CILLIAN O'Connor (above) feels that Aidan O'Shea is not awarded legitimate frees by referees on account of his size.

O'Shea was fouled repeatedly by Galway in their Connacht SFC semi-final with Mayo in Salthill on Sunday, with O'Connor the chief beneficiary on the day.

The two time Young Footballer of the Year scored five frees in an eight point haul, three of which came directly from fouls on O'Shea and he insisted that Sunday was "the first time in a while that he was given those frees."

"He's always going to be a handful wherever he's playing and there was times where they had no choice but to foul him or there would have been goal chances," O'Connor pointed out.

"The frees they conceded were probably the right thing to do in cases or there would have been goals.

"He's that type of players who draws fouls and always comes in for an extra bit of treatment."

In general, Galway took on the task of ending Mayo's Connacht dominance with a notably more physical approach but O'Connor it was noting more than they had anticipated.

"I was thinking coming into this game that having being beaten comprehensively two years ago in Pearse Stadium that Galway were going to be adamant, determined, not to let that happen again," O'Connor explained.

"But I don't think it's really in response to us. I think the way the game is going now, the top three or four teams are probably knowm for theor physicality and their intenity in the tackle and so on.

"I don't think it was something they decided to do because of Mayo.

"I just think every team is trying to be a bit more physical and a bit more strong in the tackle," O'Connor concluded.