Friday 6 December 2019

Rebel Horgan baffled by 'flaky' jibe

PwC GAA/GPA Hurler of the Month for July Patrick Horgan of Cork
PwC GAA/GPA Hurler of the Month for July Patrick Horgan of Cork

Patrick Horgan admits that elements of hurling punditry make him "angry" and suggested that the standard of the game when it was played by some analysts doesn't compare favourably with now.

Asked specifically about Anthony Daly's contention that Cork are "the flakiest team in the country," Horgan responded: "Yeah, but they think they know it all.

"They do...all the boys...they're not going to take my eyes from me.

"I watched the Leinster final, the '96 Leinster final on telly last week and they're gammy!

"So there's none of them fellas going to talk about us."

"I don't know who they all think they are, f***ing hell," he went on.

"They were all there too in that situation. And they all have situations where that word (flaky) could be thrown at them too. If you go digging, I'm sure you'd find it.

"But yeah, I saw them fellas playing and I'll leave it at that with them.

"It makes me angry though," he admitted.

"Because hurling now is not easy. And there's fellas covering ground and they're lifting weights, and they're...none of it is easy.

"Then you do something wrong, one thing wrong in a match, and the boys above in the studio like, f***ing, the arrows and all of this."

"To be honest, we don't give a s**t what they say. It's just the fellas that are saying it baffle me."

Understandably, Horgan was coy over the issue of the vacant Cork manager's job following John Meyler's decision to step down.


Kieran Kingston, under whom Horgan played for two seasons, is thought to be the front-runner for the job he vacated for work reasons in September 2017.

Former Dublin manager Ger Cunningham could also be part of a new managerial team in a coaching capacity.

"We made a lot of progress under Kieran two years ago," Horgan acknowledged, "and I know he left because of work at the time.

"He was putting so much time in and that's the same for every manager and even John now, the time's that's put in is mad.

"I don't know if that's after changing now.

"We'll just wait it out. It's gone so professional now, they will be a system of choosing the next manager, professional guys to do the job. Our job is to perform."

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