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Provincial structure is out of date: Bohan

Dublin ladies football manager Mick Bohan can see a move away from the provincial system coming down the tracks for both the mens' and ladies game.

Bohan's Dublin claimed their eighth Leinster SFC title in-a-row last year but there will be no competition in the province this time around after Westmeath's relegation from the senior grade while Meath missed out on promotion after losing the intermediate decider.

The lack of a Leinster championship means four in-a-row chasing Dublin are looking at a gap of 12 weeks between league and championship action. And with the ladies All-Ireland race starting with two mixed six-team groups, Bohan believes that there is a move away from the traditional provincial set-ups across Gaelic games.

"Every county manager I have spoken to over the last few weeks have said the same thing, that the provincial system is now a damp squib," Bohan said, at the launch of the 2020 Gourmet Food Parlour HEC Third-Level Championships .

"It's not the fact that we (Dublin) don't have one. But to what purpose is it? For anyone else, forget about us, we obviously don't have one. The problem for us and the Leinster championship isn't that there isn't anyone good enough to play senior championship.


"There is, if you look at the likes of Meath and Westmeath they should all be in it.

"That whole rule of having to win the intermediate championship is so archaic. But away from all of that, it's on the way in both men's and women's (football) where the provincial system will not be part of the overall format.

"Supporters are looking for something fresh, players are looking for something fresh and sometimes I think we are very slow in dragging our heels to make those decisions."

Dublin have secured three All-Ireland titles on the bounce in the three seasons Bohan has been in charge after inheriting a group that had lost three consecutive deciders. But he insists that given the turnover of players in the women's game, previous success has less impact than people may think.

"Obviously that was a factor then, that self belief. People start to question themselves when they continuously lose. But there's a huge turnover in the women's game, much more so than lads. I'd say every season we've had between eight and 10 players off the squad and new players have come in. You're immediately starting from scratch with that 10.

"At the moment we've something like 14 new players in the squad so you're really starting, like last night, going through basics concepts of play.

"But the minute you overlook it and think that everybody understands it all of a sudden you find yourself in the thick of it and you've missed the foundation blocks for the team," concluded the Clontarf clubman.