Sunday 27 May 2018

People forget Dubs' sacrifices - Geezer

Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney at the launch of eir Sport. Pic: Inpho
Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney at the launch of eir Sport. Pic: Inpho

Kieran McGeeney has praised the commitment of the Dublin footballers and identified this attribute as the primary cause of their recent success.

"Dublin are class, there is no getting away from it, but they are that way because they have committed to it," the Armagh manager outlined.

"I know when I was in Dublin playing club football, they weren't as committed as they should have been.

"Bet that will end up in a headline somewhere…

"But I take my hat off to them, committed bunch. Good too, but their commitment to the cause is class.

"They are getting the credit they deserve but sometimes, we all like to say it is about money."


While acknowledging that Dublin's finances were "a huge aspect of it" McGeeney stressed: "I think you're doing the players and their commitment a disservice by just saying it's that.

"Yes, it's nice to go to Carton House the weekend before a game and have three days looking at videos in comfort and doing that sort of stuff but the other side of it is that Jim has managed them so that they give up those three days.

"People have forgotten that part of it.

"They give up their weekend, their time with their families, their girlfriends and their wives and they give that type of commitment.

"That is tough to do. Especially a lot of them are quite young and have been over the last five or six years.

"It's one thing to have the money and the backing and the resources but it's another to have a group of fellas who are willing to buy into commitment and to sacrifice things in their life to do that.

"It's not just the resources, it's the time that they're willing to give up, you know, (Ciarán) Kilkenny coming home from a professional contract (in Australia), fellas watching themselves socially, all of that sort of stuff, living in a bubble, there's a lot of Dublin players get as much bad press as they do good press."

On the subject of Dublin's swell of talent in recent years, McGeeney pointed out: "It's funny.

"You are only a good footballer when you win.


"When Pat (Gilroy) came in and a lot of footballers were pushed out of Dublin and these young fellas came in, I didn't see too many people saying: 'Jesus, these young fellas coming in are class acts.'

"When they won one, they were class acts.

"I have just seen that cycle come and go.

"Before we won one (All-Ireland) we were average. Then you won one you were brilliant."

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