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O'Sullivan slates 'sub' standard switches


REBEL YELL: Cork’s Diarmuid O’Sullivan   Pic: Sportsfile

REBEL YELL: Cork’s Diarmuid O’Sullivan Pic: Sportsfile


REBEL YELL: Cork’s Diarmuid O’Sullivan Pic: Sportsfile

Diarmuid O'Sullivan has criticised the Cork hurling management for their switches during Sunday's semi-final epic with Limerick.

Munster champions Cork surrendered a six-point lead in the home straight of normal time before eventually losing in extra-time.

And while O'Sullivan cited 17 wides as a "huge factor" and said referee Paud O'Dwyer "won't be on the Cork Christmas card list either", he reckoned John Meyler and his selectors must share in the blame.

The Paddy Power News columnist, a selector alongside Meyler under Kieran Kingston, explained: "There was a period in the second half when Cork were up by four to six points and they were comfortable, then within a nine-minute window the management made three substitutions.

"They brought on Mark Ellis, Robbie O'Flynn and Tim O'Mahony. It upset the balance and rhythm ... did any of the three of them offer anything to the game after? It was three changes too quickly. It just killed the momentum. That period hurt Cork and they never recovered from it."

In contrast to Limerick subs' haul of 2-6, he said a "lack of impact from the bench" has caught up on Cork.

"It's something the management should have addressed," he maintained.


"We see what Cork had to reintroduce in extra-time, (Shane) Kingston had to come back on, so did Daniel Kearney for short periods of time. They brought Michael Cahalane on and off again - I've no idea what was going on there.

"At the start of extra-time Seamus Harnedy barely walked out of the dressing rooms, he could hardly go out onto the field and they persisted with him for six minutes - that's criminal," he claimed.

"Seamus is very honest, but there's misplaced bravery and the management should have been strong enough to say 'Sorry Seamus, you can't walk'."