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No time to slip up now - Brogan

ALAN BROGAN believes Dublin must try and storm through the front door next Sunday, because Leinster final defeat to Meath could leave them "down in the dumps" with only days to recover.

Whoever loses this latest battle of Leinster's greatest rivals will be faced with a six-day turnaround before relaunching their quest for Sam via the qualifier route.

This is just one reason why Brogan is determined to mark his first provincial final against Meath with a victory.

"Absolutely," declared the reigning Footballer of the Year. "A six-day turnaround if you lose, it is hard to deal with that - particularly after the Leinster final.

"You'd be down in the dumps for two or three days before you'd even get around to thinking about it again. So no, certainly the front door is the way we want to go. I'm sure it is for Meath too.

"I think if you're going into the qualifiers, getting knocked out in a provincial quarter-final is the time to do it."