Monday 23 April 2018

'No one out there can stop the Dubs' - Ó Sé

Kerry legend Marc Ó Sé
Kerry legend Marc Ó Sé

Marc Ó Sé doesn't think there is "anyone out there" to halt Dublin's domination in the medium term - and that includes his native Kingdom.

The retired Kerry star stressed that Mayo "certainly won't fear Dublin" in the All-Ireland final, adding: "The game against Kerry will have given them huge confidence."

Yet it's clear, as he expounds on Dublin's strengths, that they remain his benchmark. So much do that he doesn't believe his own county, even with an influx of All-Ireland minor winners, will be ready next year to close the gap.

"I don't think it will happen next year, I think it will take a while," Ó Sé cautioned.

So, if not Mayo on Sunday week, who can stop Dublin?

"This is the question - they are an exceptional team," he mused.

"I don't think there is anyone out there that can stop Dublin, the way they are going at the moment - no way.

"You look at last year's final, Bernard Brogan not playing to his usual high standards in the drawn match, (Cormac) Costello coming in and kicking three points.


"You see Brogan and (Michael Darragh) Macauley, two former Footballers of the Year, not getting a game the last day. (Diarmuid) Connolly only got three minutes, didn't touch the ball - can you imagine how frustrated he'd be going out the door at Croke Park," he added.

"I'd say the A v B games will be ferocious. That's what Jim Gavin wants. I thought he'd actually start Connolly the last day, but more fool me ... it gives a clear message that no fella is bigger than the team.

"He's lucky because he has all of these players. You look at the likes of Con O'Callaghan, Paul Flynn coming on the last day and kicking three points, Kevin McManamon running riot.

"Then you look at the likes of James McCarthy, who is so flexible and versatile ... they have a huge amount of players at their disposal, so it's going to be very hard to see it."

Ó Sé called on the Kerry county board to follow Tyrone's three-year lead with Mickey Harte by extending Eamonn Fitzmaurice's tenure.

"He needs time to rebuild. You can't just bring lads in and expect these minors to do it. It'll take more than that. It all depends then what kind of fallout you get," he said.

"Eamonn has one year left on his contract and I think they should extend it. I played under him and his attention to detail … and that's coming from a fella who he dropped, in 2014!"

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