Sunday 20 January 2019

No 4: Jim McGuinness

MONDAY: I've just watched a repeat of last night's Sunday Game for the fifth time and ... I'm, I'm ... lost for words. They didn't disrespect us, even once! Mind you, that's probably because they didn't even preview next weekend's show-stopping Ulster semi-final. Come to think of it, that's the ultimate act of disrespect. I must drop Mickey Harte a line and get those contact details for the head honchos up in RTé.

TUESDAY: How I love Tuesdays. Especially now that my college days are finally behind me. Once upon a very long time, I was enrolled in the University of Life, traversing the land in search of Sigerson Cup adventure. Back then, I'd leave Donegal for the long drive south on a Sunday evening ... and make it into Tralee IT sometime after noon Tuesday.

Suffering from acute car-lag. Then, after squeezing in a couple of lectures, I'd set off north again - just to make it back for the weekend.

WEDNESDAY: Two days have passed since I fired off a suitably furious diatribe (by registered post) to RTé and still no response ... disrespect, I tell you, pure disrespect!

THURSDAY: Oh, I love Thursdays ... even more than Tuesdays. Just a short hop into training and not a hint of car-lag - unlike my Tralee days when, at this stage, I'd be stuck in Tuam, halfway through my marathon odyssey home. Now I can just focus on Sunday's All-Ireland Puke Football final. Yeah, that's right, the Puke Football final - I'm not sure if it was the Baker Bradley or Pat Spillane who came up with that description but, come Sunday evening, I'll be shoving it down their disrespecting throats!

FRIDAY: Still no reply from Montrose. Do they think we're from another planet up here? Just because we all had Man Utd haircuts back in '92? Well, most of us - personally I always preferred the Messiah look ...

SATURDAY: Eureka! I have the perfect riposte for Pat 'Perfectionist' Spillane. Since none of us are worthy of his precious 'man of the match' award, we'll kindly decline the offer after we wallop Tyrone tomorrow. That'll show him ... sorry, did you just say RTé aren't covering the match live? Oh, don't get me started!

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