Tuesday 12 December 2017

NFL: Leinster turns into an alarming drop zone

Bernard Allen, Offaly
Bernard Allen, Offaly

A good weekend for the Dubs, Offaly and Longford - but a pretty disastrous one for the rest of Leinster.

While Dublin's dream of a Division One league hat-trick was preserved by victory in Monaghan, and Offaly's win over Antrim meant that they joined an already-promoted Longford on the way up to Division Three, the overall spring picture for the eastern province was grim in the extreme.

Westmeath and Kildare lost heavily to Roscommon and Galway, respectively - all of which confirmed back-to-back relegations for the pair, who will ply their trade in Division Three next year.

If either side had won, Laois would have been relegated in their place - but Tomás Ó Flatharta's men held on despite losing in Down.

While Longford and Offaly are upwardly-mobile once more, their places in Division Four will be filled by Wexford (demoted despite beating Tipperary) and Louth (whose fate was sealed by a two-pointy loss to Limerick).


DIVISION 1 - Semi-finals: Cork v Donegal, Dublin v Monaghan, likely to be fixed for Croke Park next Sunday.

Relegated: Tyrone, Derry.

DIVISION 2 - Promoted: Down, Roscommon.

Relegated: Westmeath, Kildare.

DIVISION 3 - Promoted: Armagh, Fermanagh.

Relegated: Louth, Wexford.

DIVISION 4 - Promoted: Longford, Offaly.

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