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Mick O'Dowd: Martin McHugh is a 'one-trick analyst'


Mick O'Dowd

Mick O'Dowd


Mick O'Dowd

MICK O'Dowd has branded Martin McHugh "a one-trick analyst," in retort to the Donegal pundit's recent critique of Meath football.

McHugh, speaking on radio the morning after the Royal's less than emphatic win over Wicklow in Navan two Sundays back, insisted he was "very fearful for Meath".

"Maybe through the Celtic Tiger, they had it too good," McHugh added, somewhat cryptically. Invoking McHugh's controversial branding of Colm Cooper last year as "a two-trick pony last year," O'Dowd has now hit back.

"Those comments are irrelevant old stuff, he's probably a bit of a one-trick analyst himself, isn't he? To coin a phrase he used himself," said the Meath manager.

"These thing are just stuff some fellas come out with and for supporters to debate. We don't have the time to be dwelling on stuff like that," he added.

The Sunday Game's coverage of the Meath/Wicklow match amounted to roughly two minutes of broadcast highlights and 45 seconds analysis, despite the fact that the game featured 36 scores, five goals, two red cards and four penalties,

Something which drew the ire of Garden County manager, Johnny Magee.

"The amount of coverage our game got probably wasn't good," O'Dowd agreed. "There was six games on they could have spread it out a little bit more evenly because there are responsibilities to sponsors.

"The biggest thing is the fixtures issue.


"Playing O'Byrne Cup, Sigerson Cup, Leinster U21FC and seven intensive league games in January, February and March is ridiculous," O'Dowd continued.

"Then having 10 weeks off before a championship and having the quarter-finals of the same competition on different weekends isn't right.

"Dublin have four weeks wait before their semi-final, we have two weeks before ours, Kildare, if they hadn't drawn their first game, would have had three weeks," O'Dowd pointed out.

"Everyone is working off different preparation periods.

"There is no sense to that," he concluded.