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McEntee highlights 'major failing' in Dub club season

Tony McEntee

Tony McEntee has warned that completing All-Ireland club championships in the calendar year could lead to an "absolute mess" in dual counties like Dublin who are trying to "pacify both codes".

The St Brigid's boss claimed club players in the capital don't get a proper break. "That's one of the major failings with the Dublin league system," he said, "because they're accommodating the hurling system. It just runs for 12 months." However, his former Armagh manager Joe Kernan believes a December club championship finish would be "great" for players and also club coffers. This would entail playing a couple of club rounds before the inter-county summer kicks off - "and a lot of county managers won't want that," admitted Kernan, who himself never had an issue with club ties fixed for after the NFL.