Sunday 8 December 2019

Mayo left seething at summer of 'leaks'

David Clarke
David Clarke

It's safe to say it wouldn't happen with Team Gavin. Mayo's meandering march to the last-four has been beset by numerous potholes - and a recurring leak.

Specifically, one local newspaper has published James Horan's starting '15' on four occasions this summer - before the team was announced by manager James Horan and released by the county board PRO.

There was no comment from the Mayo camp yesterday, but you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that the ongoing leakage has left them quietly seething.

A Herald trawl confirmed that The Connaught Telegraph had published the Mayo teams to face Down, Kerry and Donegal (on its website) and Meath (via Facebook) before the line-up was officially released.

The Telegraph revealed the line-up for Mayo's qualifier in Down on Friday, June 21 at 12.21pm - over nine hours before its release - while stating the team was "not yet officially announced".

They revealed that Patrick Durcan was out of their Super 8s opener, along with the team to face Kerry, on Friday, July 12 at 11.25am. Mayo emailed the team to the media over 34 hours later.

The Telegraph's Facebook page unveiled the team to face Meath on Friday, July 19 at 2.09pm. The official team was released over seven hour later ... perhaps not surprisingly, Horan made three late changes on match-day.

Last week brought a similar tale. News that David Clarke had been ruled out of the Donegal game popped up on the Telegraph website, along with the team, at 2.27pm last Friday - 21 hours before its official release.

Any managerial angst was compounded when the Telegraph revealed at 5.10pm last Friday that Tom Parsons was in the 26-man squad for the first time since his horrific knee injury. Mayo, like many rivals, have a policy of not disclosing subs in advance.

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