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Maur’s edge epic battle with Rialto

St Maur’s eked out a narrow win over a gallant Rialto Gaels with ­Cathal Price, Adam Kelly Kiernan and Stephen Bogan to the fore while Jacob Horan, Seamus Cleary and Glen Hales shone for Gaels.

St Maur’s: A Lacey, R Halpin, C Daly, C Comiskey, O Harford, C Barry, L Laverty, P Jones, A Kelly Kiernan, 
S Bogan, C Price, R McGuinness, 
A McCann, L McGuinness, C Monks, 
S Keegan, T Duffy, M Williams, 
E Higgins, B Fullam, G Wallace.

Rialto Gaels: A Byrne, C Balfe, 
C Bradley, C Delaney, C McGarry, 
S Doyle, T McGuinness, E Mahon, 
D Moore, P Gleeson, L Wall, J Horan, J O’Brien, M Kenny, S Doyle, D West, D Hennessy, L Moran, G Hales, 
DJ Moore, L Dowling, J Mowlds, 
T Birdy-Hendricks, R Brady, O Darcy.