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Matt is latest star to shine in the Fame academy

GREAT to see Matt Connor enter the Leinster Hall of Fame. Was there ever a more elegant footballer?

Matt is in the same class as Mikey Sheehy and The Gooch. Even in his little run, he had that stylish swagger about him.

He turned football into art. Poetry in motion. Soft feet, quick hands and the eye of a telescope.

GERRY LANDY lives in Australia. He came back to Skerries for his holidays.

He's the last surviving member of the Harps team that won the Dublin Junior Football Championship title in 1943.

Gerry went out to watch the current Harps senior AFL Division 2 side, who are managed by the one and only Charlie Redmond.

Gerry was impressed with their spirit and footballing ability.

It brought him back no doubt to 1943, when Harps collected the coveted junior crown, which many say was the hardest prize of all to win in Dublin football.