Wednesday 13 December 2017

Marc O Se: 'Bernard Brogan is in great form but he'll have to be stopped'

Kerry's Marc O Se
Kerry's Marc O Se

A QUICK survey of a gathering of learned football men in either county will almost unanimously agree that Kerry will put Marc Ó Sé on Bernard Brogan this Sunday because, well . . . they always do.

“I suppose he’s not taking the frees this year,” Ó Sé says of the form of his most regular opponent in these games between football’s aristocracy.

“He’s playing, I was looking before the drawn match, he’d 5-16 from play which is huge scoring. He’s flying it.

“Why is it? Because he’s a very good player. I suppose certain fellas, they just get a run of games behind them and they start performing.


“Bernard is flying it at the moment, there’s no doubt about that.

“The first shot he had the last day,” Ó Sé notes, “he got the ball and just popped it over the bar into the Hill 16 end.

“It was a great score. Confidence after a while you get going, he’s flying.”

At 35, Marc has seen it all as a Kerry footballer, though it took him until his 34th season to be dropped and for that reason, his reappearance this season wasn’t always certain.

“Look, I felt good,” he explains now. “Physically I feel great so I just keep going as long as I feel I can. I felt good all year, so hopefully we’ll get one more game and we’ll be back again, I don’t know what the story is with next year but you know, I’m just looking at the next game now.

“I’m not even thinking about anything else. I’m not thinking about retiring. I’m not thinking about staying on. I’m just thinking about this game.”

As it happened, he didn’t get much of a game last time out. After just 15 minutes of Kerry’s All-Ireland semi-final win over Tyrone, he was black carded.

What’s worse is that he knew it was coming.

“I was disappointed in myself,” confesses the youngest of the Ó Sé siblings. “I felt I deserved a black card. “At the time I didn’t feel it was justified because to be fair I did go to break the ball away from him (Connor McAliskey).

“What I didn’t do was I should have pulled my hand back straight away and left it there but no it was definitely, I definitely left the hand in.”

Even if all’s well that ends well, Ó Sé wasn’t remotely moved by the local Kerry hubris that followed victory over an old bête noire in Croke Park.


“Everyone was making a big deal about the Tyrone game but the reality is that there were only three players who played in those three games - ’03, ’05 and ’08 - myself, Gooch and Seán Cavanagh,” he points out.

“I thought the media were making such a big deal about this game, could Kerry beat Tyrone? And if nothing else, I’m glad we beat Tyrone just to put that to bed. It had no relevance whatsoever.”

“We’ve a massive game before us now,” Ó Sé adds, on the cusp of a seventh All-Ireland medal.

“The most consistent team . . ; people say Mayo . . . but I suppose Dublin are the team to beat.

“They probably feel they left one behind them last year, we feel we left . . . that we were unlucky in 2013.

“So look,” he concludes, “it’ll be a great final now hopefully and hopefully we’ll win it.”

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