Thursday 21 March 2019

Lyons bites into McHugh

FROM the man who brought us 'Arseboxing,' All-Ireland SFC final week just got interesting.

Tommy Lyons, as we know, is a Dub of impeccable credentials, yet he also harbours a grá for his native Mayo ... and perhaps that's why he went so nuclear on Donegal man Martin McHugh yesterday at the launch of the Kilmacud Crokes Sevens.

In particular, Lyons blasted McHugh's analysis of the Donegal/Cork All-Ireland SFC semi-final, accusing the former Cavan manager of that well-worn GAA pursuit, 'cute hoorism'.

"Well, anyone with two eyes could see that when Cork put a man up on Mark McHugh in the first half, McHugh didn't get a kick of the ball, and when Cork stopped doing that in the second half, McHugh ran Cork ragged and he's trying to make sure that teams don't push up on Mark McHugh," Lyons suggested.

"I think he's absolutely very calculated with what he's doing - he's trying to throw out the dummies.

"Like, he was very critical of Cork's tactics, which is a very bolshy thing to say on national television when Cork had held them to nearly a level game at half-time with a certain tactic of pushing up. Donegal knew that that was upsetting them.

"Now Donegal were a lot better in the second half and they'd have won the game anyhow. But I think it was wrong to be that critical of Cork, to say that the tactics were all wrong, I think that was tongue-in-cheek stuff.

"I just thought he was being the cute auld hoor on the telly, you know what I mean. And Tony Davis and the boys didn't respond to it. That auld cute hoorism, we're not all gobshites.

"There's no need for it. He must think we're all stupid."

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