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Laois' exit only adds to image of mayhem

YOU can tell things are heating up a bit and the standard is beginning to even out.

As we inched our way out of June the first two big shocks of the season played out.

It only reinforces the need to have the best 20 or 24 teams playing senior championship.

Antrim were first out of the traps taking down a Laois team that ends its season in mayhem.

The sight of a late sending-off and general mayhem in and around the team listed as odds on favourites to win is perhaps the modern image of this team - lots of talent but a lot of it uncontrollable.


It will take big local and credible personality to take on the enormous task ahead of them if they are to restore pride in the game in Laois.

This is not to take away from Antrim's win.

As we headed over the Curlew Mountains, winding our way to picturesque Markievicz Park in Sligo, the radio informed us their comeback was in full swing.

I had a look at the tape on Sunday evening and marvelled at the resolve and determination they showed.

Eight points down in the second half and still, somehow, Antrim had the guts to fight on. And win. By two clear points. Brave Antrim! Bravo Antrim!