Thursday 17 January 2019


EOIN MURPHY: One stop of 'Bonner' Maher apart, didn't have a heap to do. RATING 7

PAUL MURPHY: Tracked Lar Corbett and won his battle. Struck the ball beautifully, as always. RATING 8

JJ DELANEY: They'll show that hook on Seamus Callanan again and again. A show stopper and a ninth, yes ninth, All-Ireland medal. RATING 8

JACKIE TYRRELL: Another for whom rumours of demise were greatly exaggerated. Shackled 'Bubbles' and just about edged it. RATING 7

PÁDRAIG WALSH: Incredible performance. Scored one stunning point but caught an amount of ball and tackled with ferocity. RATING 9

KIERAN JOYCE: Harshly penalised for the penalty but otherwise, kept 'Bonner' Maher as quiet as he's been all summer. RATING 9

CILLIAN BUCKLEY: Another high performer in Kilkenny's strongest line on the day. Brilliant in the air and hassled non-stop. RATING 8

MICHAEL FENNELLY: Couldn't do much about Shane McGrath's magnificent trio of points in the first half but hit two himself and generated plenty of Kilkenny's energy from the middle. RATING 8

CONOR FOGARTY: Has carved a niche for himself as Kilkenny's 'holding' midfielder this year. Gave an exhibition of hooking and blocking. RATING 8

COLIN FENNELLY: Oddly subdued for most of the first half but exploded when sent into full-forward in the second. Scored three excellent points. RATING 7

RICHIE HOGAN: Hampered with injury but still managed two key scores before succumbing. Hurler of the Year certainty. RATING 7

EOIN LARKIN: Hurled on the periphery of the game and scored two gorgeous points. Squared to Colin Fennelly for a goal chance when taking it on might have been the better option. RATING 7

RICHIE POWER: Kept to a goal and a '65...but what a goal and what a key time to get it. Foraged around the middle but won some big ball and set up a couple of scores. RATING 8

TJ REID: Not at his brilliant best. Hit five of six frees but denied a goal after encroaching into the square before the ball in the second half. RATING 7

JOHN POWER: Not exactly Shane O'Donnell or Walter Walsh stuff but absolutely justified his inclusion. Hit a sweet point and while fortunate for his goal, still had the poise not to look a gift horse in its gob. RATING 7


HENRY SHEFFLIN: The greatest ever. Officially. RATING 7

LESTER RYAN: Lifted the cup and impressed with his cúpla focail. RATING 6


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