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kildare ratings

MARK DONNELLAN: Conceded three goals and then a penalty that led to Dublin's fourth - and a black card. Made two good saves in the third quarter. Rating 6

OLLIE LYONS: Started on Bernard Brogan and was shaping up well until finger injury ended his day early. Rating 6

MICK O'GRADY: Faced a variety of inside forwards and struggled for the most part to keep the dam from bursting. Rating 5

CIARAN FITZPATRICK: His unwitting deflection diverted the ball to Dean Rock for first goal. Under constant pressure. Rating 5

KEVIN MURNAGHAN: Was destroyed by Ciarán Kilkenny in the first half. Kept trying to drive forward but still a torrid day. Rating 5

EOIN DOYLE: Moved onto Kilkenny and got involved in a scrape that saw yellow for both. One of their better defenders. Rating 6

EMMET BOLTON: Started in whirlwind fashion, a point inside 20 seconds, and then it got a whole lot tougher. Rating 6

GARY WHITE: Too often ponderous in possession. One wide, one assist, one yellow, then off after 47 minutes. Rating 5

PAUL CRIBBIN: Arguably Kildare's best performer, he never stopped running even for a long-lost cause. Rating 7

PÁDRAIG O'NEILL: Like Cribbin, worked tirelessly and clipped two points - didn't have the legs for Jack McCaffrey. Rating 6

EOGHAN O'FLAHERTY: Their top scorer with four points, two from play. A couple of wides also, one unluckily via the post from an acute angle. Rating 7

CATHAL McNALLY: Probably should have passed when going for an ambitious 'top-corner goal' that veered wide. Pointed soon after, but otherwise struggled. Rating 5

EAMONN CALLAGHAN: Bar one fisted assist for McNally, laboured in the shadow of Jonny Cooper. Rating 5

ALAN SMITH: Won his share of possession but didn't always use it wisely. One first half wide, one second half point. Rating 5

PÁDRAIG FOGARTY: Possibly could have teed up Callaghan for an early goal chance before he was robbed. Off target with a brace of first half frees, but nailed a '45' and then added two from play. Rating 7


DAVID HYLAND: Faced the ultimate man-marking test - Bernard Brogan - and failed it. Rating 5

TOMMY MOOLICK: On after 47 minutes, the game seemed to pass him by. Rating 5

NIALL KELLY: Tried to carry the fight by scoring straight away, then winning a pointed free. One wide and one yellow for a bout of wrestling with Cooper. Rating 6

HUGH LYNCH: No impact. Rating 5

COLIN HEENEY: First act was to face a penalty, and put the wrong way. No chance with fifth goal either. Rating 6

FIONN DOWLING: A few fleeting minutes.

kildare ratings