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Kettle steaming at sideline proposal

DUBLIN chairman Andy Kettle insists most GAA grounds are not built to facilitate the reduction in the number of managerial personnel permitted on the sideline as per Liam O'Neill's attempts to 'clean up' that match-day zone, writes Conor McKeon.

Kettle also confirmed that he will vote against the proposals on Saturday at Central Council. If passed, the motion will reduce the number of pitch-side personnel from 12 to five per team; the manager, a selector, a medic and two water/hurley carriers.

Already, Kerry manager Eamon Fitzmaurice, amongst others, has spoken out strongly against the measure.

"With the exception of Croke Park, there are very few grounds that have the facility to take the crews management have up in the stand," Kettle reasoned.

"The way most county grounds are at the moment is that there are a number of seats in the stand cordoned off.

"But there is just maybe a bar around them and they are surrounded by spectators of both teams. I wouldn't like to see a situation where a player is sent off and having to possibly sit down surrounded by opposition fans. I think it is a recipe for disaster."

Kettle added that Dublin were leaning on the side of the CCCC's proposal over the new format for the hurling Championship, another potentially divisive vote on Saturday.

A much less radical change in format than the alternative conceived by the Hurling Development Committee (HDC), the CCCC option would simply see the number of Liam MacCarthy Cup teams reduced to 13 by 2016.

The HDC's proposal makes provision for a five-team Munster and Leinster Championship whereby counties play each other on a home-and-away basis.