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Kerry mask has slipped as Ó Sé shows gritty side

THE Kerry public relations machine dropped the ball this week which is not something that happens too often!

This week we were given an insight into the Kerry approach when Darragh Ó Sé detailed how teams should approach the 'franchise' player.

Kerry have always been described as the aristocrats of football and portray the image of being 'whiter than white' in playing our beautiful game.

It is far from the case as they can be ruthless in their approach to big games.

Remember the All-Ireland SFC Final of 2009 when Tadgh Kennelly took out the Cork 'franchise' player Nicholas Murphy within the opening seconds?

Kennelly admitted it was an intentional ploy to target Murphy, then later attempted to explain away the inflammatory comments attributed to him in an excerpt from his autobiography.

This week Darragh, in his weekly column, detailed how teams should approach Diarmuid Connolly because of the threat and talent that he poses.

In light of the widespread condemnation of sledging in recent weeks, I am sure the promotion of a "don't ask don't tell stuff off the ball" approach to verbal and physical abuse of Connolly will not go unnoticed by referees as the year progresses!