Saturday 25 January 2020

Jim ‘sadness’ at Dubs exit

Gavin says he’ll miss ‘being on the sideline’ hearing fans

Jim Gavin thanked his backroom team, the Dublin fans and his players. Photo: Sportsfile
Jim Gavin thanked his backroom team, the Dublin fans and his players. Photo: Sportsfile

Former Dublin football manager Jim Gavin has paid tribute to his backroom team calling them “phenomenal men, phenomenal coaches.”

The Round Tower clubman said he was grateful to the likes of Jason Sherlock and Declan Darcy who “taught me a lot”.  

Reflecting on his managerial career with the Sky Blues, spanning many years Gavin said: “I’ve had a phenomenal backroom team, be it with the Under-21s or seniors.

“The work they did in the shadows, the support that they gave me, in particular how they facilitated the players.

“We’ve had some great years, particularly a memorable year this year with the guys closing the deal in the second game against Kerry and it was great to be a part of that.”

However, Gavin said he would miss the buzz and energy of the Dublin fans in full voice. “I go away with some sadness that I won’t have those days being on the sideline and hearing our great support,” he mused.

“Any time I meet anybody, there’s a great gratitude amongst the supporters for what the players do, but it really works both ways.

“And I know with the players it means a lot to them for the support we get from our fantastic fans and it meant a lot to me as well.”

Pilot Gavin signed off with a fantastic array of sailing metaphors to describe Dublin’s future under new boss Dessie Farrell.

“We’re content that the ship is in reasonable condition. I know it’s in dry dock and Dessie, no doubt, has given it a fresh coat of paint ... probably refreshened the crew as well, that’s part of the process.

“I look forward to seeing it on the high seas again next year.” 

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