Wednesday 19 September 2018

Jim Gavin can't see himself serving as long as the 'iconic' Pete McGrath

Jim Gavin
Jim Gavin

ON Sunday he will aim to bury this Fermanagh team but, at yesterday's Dublin press briefing, Jim Gavin came only to praise the "iconic" Pete McGrath

The Dublin manager may have another two-and-a-bit years remaining on his own term, but he cannot foresee ever staying in management as long as his Erneside counterpart.

"We take it year to year.

"And even though I spoke to the county board last September to go for another three, one always reflects at the end of the season with the officers of the county board to see if they're happy with the job that one is doing," Gavin stressed.

"It's hard to see my career extending as long as Pete McGrath's," he continued.

"It's been an incredible achievement. Particularly the way he goes about his business - his manner on the sideline. I would have the height of respect for him. Certainly, I would think he's an iconic figure up in Ulster and I think he's an iconic figure in the GAA in general."

Gavin has "huge admiration" for all of McGrath's coaching achievements going back to the 1980s.

"Our paths crossed in '09 with the U21s. He had good success there with Down. Obviously there's his legacy, '91 and '94 with the Down senior football team, that breakthrough for Ulster teams, and they have obviously blazed a trail ever since.

"Pete carries himself like all good leaders - he is humble as he goes about his business.

"He has always said that it is a players' game and that he is there to facilitate it and empower people."

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