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Inequalities in the SFC format: McGee

CHANGE to the traditional inter-county senior football championship is coming down the tracks, it is only a matter of when says new Football Review Committee (FRC) chairman Eugene McGee.

"We have the standard open draw, we have the Champions League style, but then there are people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to plan the whole season from January to November on a completely different championship.

"If nothing else, it'll keep people thinking about this because obviously change has to come, but it's not going to change next week. Maybe this will be a major plank, at least being a catalyst for change. That's the least we can hope for.

"In 10 years' time, we surely won't be having the same provincial championship. Mayo playing their first championship match eight weeks after Longford - that sort of stuff won't go on. Young men won't put with that today. That's not going to happen.

"Mayo are a good example because all they had to do was beat Leitrim to get into the last 12.

"Compared to what Kildare or Kerry have done, worse still Longford and Tipperary, the imbalance of it, the inequity is obviously getting to a lot of people."

CONOR MORTIMER could be set to become a member of Ireland's Olympic handball European Championships team.

The out of favour Mayo footballer, who quit james Horan's panel recently having not been selected for the Connacht SFC final, is understood to be considering the invitation.

Irish Olympic Handball Association general manager Lúcás O Ceallacháin admitted his organisation would be interested in Mortimer linking up with the Irish squad ahead of a trip to Estonia at Halloween. "What we actually launched this week is a talent transfer programme where we hope to attract athletes from other sports," said O Ceallacháin.