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India joins Dublin camogie's global fan club

INDIA has gone potty about camogie. Especially Dublin camogie.

The amount of traffic on the Dublin camogie website from India has mystified officials.

Yet they are thrilled with the development. And the upsurge in interest from India reflects an overall impressive increase from those clicking onto www.dublincamogie.ie

Last year the amount of visitors to the site climbed by a staggering 40,000. That meant that 180,000 people were tuning in.

The average monthly figure was 15,000, but that moved up to 20,000 in the month of September. A total of 92 per cent of the volume came from Ireland. Britain was the second highest, while the USA, Germany and Australia also featured.

Yet India is the headline-maker that has the city councillors scratching their heads. But it's easy to see why the Dublin site makes for the perfect cup of tea.

It's bright, cheerful and pleasant on the eye. There are always fresh news bulletins. Seamus Massey's picture parade belongs in the National Gallery. There's an extensive contacts portfolio and other appealing compartments like the Roll of Honour section, while it has embraced all the mod cons of the technical age.

India has always loved the small ball -- cricket and hockey. They are masters of those arts.

Maybe now the local women are keen to take up another craft. They will be given every help and encouragement from the banks of the Liffey.