Wednesday 20 February 2019

'I'd do the same as Keegan'

Darran O'Sullivan
Darran O'Sullivan

Darran O'Sullivan says he doesn't "know why people are surprised," by the cynicism that littered the fraught final stages of last Sunday's All-Ireland SFC final.

"I don't blame Cormac Costello for messing with the tee," he stressed. "In the last seconds of the game, of course you are going to do it. I don't know why people are surprised Lee Keegan threw the GPS.

"They are trying for I don't know how many years to win an All-Ireland and he's been one of the best players in the country the last couple of years, he's put everything out there.

"I'd probably do the same."

O'Sullivan, meanwhile, described his black card in Kerry's All-Ireland SFC semi-final loss to Mayo as "a joke," and revealed that he has since been given a one-match ban for abusive language towards an official as he made his way off the pitch.

O'Sullivan stressed that he "didn't have the energy to be appealing it," and questioned why umpires couldn't take a more active role in making in-game decisions.

"Surely to god their job can't be to just wave a flag? They are watching the game, they can see the full-forward line and they are 10 or 15 yards away.

"Give them the power to be able to communicate with the referee. Otherwise you might as well use Hawkeye for every score. All they are doing is waving a flag."

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