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Glinsk to be reimbursed for damage


Glinsk pitch

Glinsk pitch

Glinsk pitch

A Galway GAA club is to be reimbursed for the pitch damage caused by alleged joyriders over the weekend.

The pitch at Glinsk, on the Roscommon/Galway border, was extensively damaged by a vehicle driven across the playing surface on Saturday night.

Tyre tracks and skid marks were discovered on Sunday afternoon and the club duly launched a media appeal, seeking information.

But the matter has been resolved promptly, with the club issuing the following statement via Facebook yesterday: "Glinsk Gaa Club are delighted to say that after this morning's appeal on Galway Bay FM and many other media sources, this matter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

"The club will be reimbursed for the damages and we are happy for this to be the end of the matter," the statement added.

"The club wishes to thank all of the support we have gained from all across the country and from our local neighbouring clubs and politicians. There's a lot of good people out there."


This followed a far more downbeat statement the previous day, after the vandalism was discovered, the track marks indicating that the vehicle was driven down the middle of the pitch and then spun around in circles.

"Glinsk GAA were devastated to find our community pitch vandalised this morning after somebody decided to take a joyride," the club stated.

"As a result, we have had to cancel all pitch activities for the coming days and organise for repair at cost to the club.

"Our pitch facility has always been there for the entire community to use as and when they wanted ... after last night's vandalism there will be forever more a lock on these gates. Anybody with any information please pass it onto any committee member. The gardaĆ­ have been informed and CCTV from the community centre is being reviewed."