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Gillane: Final goal 'a fluke'


Limerick Hurler Aaron Gillane. Photo: SPORTSFILE

Limerick Hurler Aaron Gillane. Photo: SPORTSFILE


Limerick Hurler Aaron Gillane. Photo: SPORTSFILE

It was widely assumed that Waterford's rope-a-dope point from Jamie Barron against Galway would win any vote for the most inventive score of the Allianz Hurling League, such was the national outbreak of admiration for the routine.

Then Aaron Gillane scored a goal of jaw-dropping instinctive improvisation in the Division 1 final in Croke Park against Waterford, and the debate began.

"Noel Connors was out in front of me," says Gillane, recalling the strike from a corporate box in Croke Park, looking directly down the patch of grass in which he engineered his flick.

"I was like, 'Jeez, he has this now and he's going to break it down in front of him'.

"I was actually going to run out to the side first and then Tom (Morrissey) was slowly lifting his head.

"I don't know why he drilled the ball so hard either."

So while the beauty of the Waterford hoodwink was the cunning thought and textbook execution, Gillane's needed the alignment of several planets and his own reflexes to score against the Déise.

"It was all a fluke," he stresses.

"He (Morrissey) never hits the ball in like that, and Noel Connors is never going to miss the ball like that again either.

"I don't know, I think it was just instinct and I was lucky, I got a little touch on it."

All of which may displease connoisseurs of great and iconic hurling scores, such as the goal Jimmy Barry-Murphy scored against Galway in the 1983 All-Ireland final to which Gillane's was compared.

"You'd see that on TG4 and clips and stuff," Gillane says, laughing at the daftness of the comparison.

"His goal just pips my one now!"