Wednesday 16 January 2019

Geraghty 'goal' shows we must think outside the box

Meath, the Championship, controversy and Graham Geraghty. What a storyline we almost had. And in fairness, Geraghty (pictured) is not to blame in any way.

I will leave the sending off to the CCCC; yes, there is a striking action (by both players actually) and by the letter of the law they will probably go down.

But Brian Farrell was unlucky and the contact was harmless, incidental, minimal; take your pick.

But he is unlikely to be exonerated and Emmet Bolton certainly will have a case to answer also. It's going to be tough on both of them.

But what about the 'square ball' incident? At this stage it should be obvious to all that it was a marginal call, that it is impossible to be conclusive, though we feel it was a legitimate score.

And so, neither Hawk-Eye nor the Video Ref could have added any clarity to the question posed: was Graham inside the small rectangle before the ball?

If technology is not able to provide quick answers to these every-game events then surely the penny should have dropped about 'square balls' long ago? It needs a rule change and in the absence of the perfect proposal one must regret the abandonment of the best effort suggested and trialed to date.

The 2010 league had an experimental rule that declared the attacker had to be outside the small rectangle only when the ball was kicked and not when it arrived.

It was the best effort to date and trialed pretty impressively but as ever, the delegates lost their nerve and went for the status quo.

Plenty more square ball gigs coming your way then. In June. And July. And August. And probably September too. It's been like this for decades now!

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