Saturday 25 November 2017

Gavin: 'I don't think we'll ever compare to those giants of the game from the 70s'


THE greatest Dublin team ever?

Given the age profile of Jim Gavin's squad, it's unwise to make such judgements now but with a third All-Ireland title also comes the right to be mentioned in the same way as those who wore blue in the '70s.

"My dad has three and I'm delighted to be able to match him," smiled a chuffed Bernard Brogan afterwards, certainly now in the pantheon of great Dublin forwards.

"He doesn't have the bragging rights in the house any more!

"Myself and Alan join him on three so that's a bit of craic. We're all just delighted.

"Any year you win an All-Ireland, they're hard fought. We started training in December, it's nine months later, a couple of hundred training sessions.


"Just delighted to be out there and get the just rewards," he added.

"My dad hadn't been well at all during the week," Brogan explained.

"The knees of a footballer back in the 70's, his legs have been blown up and he was struggling during the week.

"That gave us a lot of solace, looking at him and the battles he's gone through during the week.

"He was in and out of hospital with joint pain and stuff like that. It was great to see Alan come on and get scores.

"I'm delighted that he could make it in today because I was worried during the week that he'd have to stay in hospital but I'm just delighted he got out because he'd be going mad if he couldn't make the big day."

Ditto James McCarthy, whose Dad John won three Celtic Crosses during Brogan Snr.

"He came very close to jumping over the railings there!," James laughed afterwards.


"He's delighted. But we've a great chance to go past him now."

"They're different eras," said Jim Gavin, when asked to compare the two teams.

"For their time, certainly they've achieved a lot.

"Even speaking to them there, they've enjoyed these moments and those honours are for looking back on when they've finished their careers.

"Nothing will ever match Kevin Heffernan's team and what he did for Dublin GAA.

"His spark and genius, we just stand on their shoulders really.

"Dublin football wouldn't be what it is today but for those teams, they got the city alive to gaelic football," he added.

"So I don't think we'll ever compare to those giants of the game."


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