Tuesday 19 March 2019

Gallagher silence says it all for Fermanagh

FERMANAGH, Cavan, Donegal, Erne Gaels, St Brigid's, St Gall's ... Rory Gallagher has certainly gotten around in his football career but so vital is he to Jim McGuinness' setup that if Sam Maguire returns to the hills of Donegal on Sunday, he might be held in as high esteem as the Ballyshannon man with whom he shares a name.

If you were a long suffering Fermanagh supporter with half a notion that Gallagher might someday return to take over his native county, you might not want to hold your breath, though, if the following conversation from the recent Donegal press night is anything to go by.

Question: "How long have you been living in Donegal Rory?

Rory Gallagher: "I'm living in Donegal three and a half years now. Myself and the wife are both from Beleek, which is more or less Donegal. There is a pub in our village which is in Donegal and we would always have had an affinity for Donegal."

Question: "Had you already decided to pack it in with Fermanagh when Jim got in touch with you?"

Rory Gallagher: "Once they gave John O'Neill the management job, that finished me with Fermanagh. There is no doubt about that."

Question: "You obviously don't rate him very highly?"

Rory Gallagher: "No."

Question: "Fermanagh is obviously a county with a small population. Would you like to have played for a team like this Donegal team in your playing days?"

Rory Gallagher: "There is a lot of talk about Fermanagh having a small population but Nottingham Forest won two European Cups. Ajax won the Champions League. Greece won the European football Championship with no tradition. Anything is possible if you work hard."

Question: "Would you see yourself possibly managing Fermanagh in the future?"

Rory Gallagher: "Next question."

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