Friday 24 November 2017

Farrell a perfect fit for senior job if he changes his mind

Dublin's U21 footballers celebrate after their All-Ireland final victory over Galway
Dublin's U21 footballers celebrate after their All-Ireland final victory over Galway

He all but ruled it out afterwards but still, it was hard to imagine Dessie Farrell not fancying a crack at the Dublin senior job, if not the next time it become available, then certainly at some point in the near-ish future.

More pertinently, it's difficult to see the Dublin county board not heavily considering him for the job when it becomes vacant again.

As manager Farrell now possesses two All-Ireland under-21 titles and four Leinsters from his five year reign to add to the minor of 2012, Dublin's first since 1984.

This year's success, crowned in Tullamore on Saturday, ranks perhaps as his finest managerial work.

Coming after that 2012 minor All-Ireland - Dublin's only one in the last 33 seasons - and given his familiarity with so many of the players who will carry the senior side into the next decade through his work with the development squads over the past decade and it's a fairly compatible match, even if Farrell didn't see the immediate appeal.

"I'm happy with what we've done here. It's been a wonderful couple of years," he said by way of exiting the underage managerial carousel.

"I need to get on and drive on with other stuff that's important.

Labelling the senior gig "a whole different ball game" with regard to time commitment, Farrell added:

"It's just where I'm at in my own career I can't see it, to be honest."

Yet not only did he steer a Dublin team without much underage success to a brilliant All-Ireland, he did it despite the staging of a potentially disruptive round of club matches last week despite his request.

"Yeah, look - it's not ideal. But we just had to get on with it, put it to bed and drive on," he outlined.

"Because if you dwell on it, it wasn't going to serve us too well at all.

"The lads have been amazing.

"Just immensely proud of them for the leadership they showed on that issue and generally all year has been phenomenal.

"They've been an unfortunate bunch in many ways through the minor and the last couple of years some of them with the under-21s.

"I believe they deserved this," concluded Farrell.

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