Monday 24 September 2018

Duels against Dublin 'more intense' than others, reveals David Collins

David Collins
David Collins

Galway captain David Collins has admitted he's "delighted" Sunday's Leinster SHC clash with Dublin is not in Parnell Park.

"The pitch is fine but it's just that the stadium is on top of you and it's like a real cauldron of Dubs," said Collins, referring to Galway's record of one win in five attempts in the past decade in Donnycarney.

"The atmosphere is always good there, but I just think Dublin always perform there so much better than anybody else. We struggle to perform there."

Similarly Collins acknowledged that a sparky rivalry with Dublin had been cultivated since Galway's arrival in Leinster, though he maintained that the "aggression between Galway and Dublin," was a feature of a "healthy relationship".

"There is definitely a level of intensity there you won't get in many other games," he pointed out,

"The hitting is always tough, but it's fair and there has never been a dirty stroke pulled in any of those games. Likewise with Galway and Kilkenny games, they have been rough, intense and fair.

"I love playing Dublin and Kilkenny because those teams, we really clash with each other but it's not an unhealthy rivalry.

"There is no real dirty stroke.

"Even if I look back at the Clare-Limerick rivalry the other day, lads were heated in battle but there wasn't anybody out to do anybody. What happens on the field stays on the field."


"If you look at Ger Cunningham coming in there to Dublin, there is a real freshness and a drive there."

Asked whether Galway had taken a greater degree of joy in relegating Dublin from Division 1A in the 2012 play-off, Collins began: "Well, of course you would," before adding: "...you don't take joy in relegating anybody.

"But if you are in that position they will do that to you.

"You go out to win the game. You don't go out to down a fella. You go out to perform the best you can," Collins concluded.

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