Monday 11 December 2017

Dubs still to be tested, reveals Tom Carr

Danger as no county has yet asked hard questions: Carr

Ciaran Kilkenny, Dublin, in action against Padraig O'Neill, Kildare
Ciaran Kilkenny, Dublin, in action against Padraig O'Neill, Kildare
Tom Carr

THE jury remains out on Dublin's Sam Maguire credentials even as they blaze a trail of destruction through Leinster, according to Tom Carr.

The former Dubs boss has yet to be convinced that Jim Gavin's scoring machine has moved on from last year's shock All-Ireland exit to Donegal - primarily because his players haven't been remotely tested while routing Longford by 27 points and then Kildare by 19 last Sunday.

"Have I seen anything yet that suggests to me that Dublin could whip Kerry or Donegal or beat them by seven or eight points in a game? No I haven't," Carr told The Herald.

"And I think this is the big danger for Dublin, because there has been no team yet that has asked them the question - or even gone close to asking them the question.

"And we have all seen over the last five or ten years, in every team, that when it's put up to them and when you're in their faces and when suddenly nothing is happening as easily … you're looking at a totally different team."

Carr can see attempts by Dublin to moderate their on-field shape in a bid to close off the defensive gaps so ruthlessly exploited by Donegal ten months ago.

Tom Carr

But he added: "You're changing it with the same players who are, basically, naturally-attacking players. The likes of (James) McCarthy and Jack McCaffrey and these fellas.

"It's not that they can't be changed, but it's hard.

"And the reason why Dublin were caught out at the back so much last year is because they were all attacking."

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