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Dubs focus on Leinster glory only

THE top official in Dublin GAA has underlined the ambition now coursing through hurling in the capital, insisting that winning next Sunday's Leinster SHC final against Kilkenny is viewed as a "must-do" by Anthony Daly's squad.

"Dublin's ambition is, quite candidly, to win a Leinster this year," Dublin chairman Andy Kettle told the Evening Herald.

"We take it step-by-step - nobody is talking about the Liam MacCarthy at this stage.

"In order to be prime candidates for the Liam MacCarthy, we would see winning the Leinster championship as a must-do," he added.

"To this group at the minute, the 'getting there' is not the achievement. The achievement is winning."

But the Dublin chief cautioned that their flagship hurlers now face the ultimate challenge as they seek a first provincial crown in half-a-century. "If you are going to win anything, you will have to beat the top teams - and Kilkenny are a top team," Kettle stressed.

"People are talking about the demise of Kilkenny - there is no such thing. They have their strong men back ... they are now at their strongest.

"If we can match them and beat them on Sunday, well then we will certainly have achieved something."