Wednesday 22 November 2017

Dubs don't make payments, insists Kettle

DUBLIN are in a privileged position when it comes to payment to managers because they simply haven't had to, according to chairman Andy Kettle.

The Fingal official is serving his second year in the Dublin chair and, as yet, there has been no formal discussions on how power brokers in the capital will react to Páraic Duffy's discussion paper, but Kettle is personally against the deterioration of, as he sees it, 'the voluntary ethos of the GAA'.

"We have been lucky in Dublin because we're a small county geographically and there isn't a lot of travelling to be done, managers have never approached us looking for payments," he stated.

"We haven't really been faced with the problem.

"The question always arises when an outsider comes in. Okay, we have it in Dublin. We have an outside hurling manager, but he is paid legitimate expenses."

Option two in Duffy's report outlines a detailed process whereby the currently illegal payments are identified and abolished through the establishment of a special committee which will oversee county board's expenditure in minute detail and request personal details from each county manager, a proposal which Kettle reckons has the potential for a blind spot.

He said: "How do you handle a situation whereby a manager is getting expenses but not from a county board, be it from an individual or a group of people in a county?

"I know that's splitting hairs and it wouldn't happen without some knowledge from the county board but they could then say: 'listen, we're not doing it. Our hands are clean'.

"I could see a certain amount of backing for payments," he added.

"But again, on a personal basis, I wouldn't be in favour of it because of a fear of it eroding the voluntary ethos of the association.

"Where is the next step? Do the most important players on a team get extra expenses? Where does it go? I personally would have a fear that it would erode the voluntary ethos of the association."

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