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'Dubs are beatable' - Keegan


Mayo’s Lee Keegan

Mayo’s Lee Keegan


Mayo’s Lee Keegan

Lee Keegan has hailed Kerry's NFL triumph - and the end of Dublin's 36-game unbeaten run - as a positive portent for Mayo and their fellow contenders for Sam.

"It kind of opens the door that Dublin are beatable," Keegan suggested. "Mayo still had the belief that we could beat Dublin. We came very close in the last couple of years, ultimately didn't cross the line."

However, he believes Kerry's Division 1 final success last Sunday has fuelled "optimism and excitement going into the summer months" and a perception that the All-Ireland football championship is wide open.

"Now, I'm sure Dublin are going to close that door quickly with a strong Leinster campaign, but it still gives everyone that chance," he said.

"But the important thing is it's Connacht first - because if we start looking ahead to All-Irelands we'll get tagged like we did last year against Galway."