Thursday 24 January 2019


STEPHEN CLUXTON: Hard to see how he could have stopped any of Donegal's three goals, although he did get a touch to the long ball that led to Ryan McHugh's first. Did, however, save a point effort in the first half and tipped a Ryan McHugh shot over the bar in the second. Forced to go long with kick-outs but executed brilliantly. RATING 7

MICK FITZSIMONS: Tasked with marking Colm McFadden, the only Donegal player guaranteed to play high up the pitch. Conceded 1-2 from play but was outnumbered, rather than beaten, for the goal. RATING 7

RORY O'CARROLL: Got under Neil Gallagher's skin early and managed to shut down that kick-out option momentarily. Marked Michael Murphy whenever he ventured inside. Almost 'saved' first Donegal goal too. RATING 6

PHILLY MCMAHON: Played mostly as a spare man around the middle but was frustrated by a lack of viable targets whilst in possession. Kicked one long-range point whilst they were in vogue during Dublin's purple patch in the first half. RATING 7

JAMES MCCARTHY: Failed to hit the heights of previous performances. Booked in the first minute and was caught in no man's land for Donegal's breakaway goals in the second-half. RATING 6

JONNY COOPER: Hard day at the office. Taken off after shipping a couple of heavy blows and like the rest of the Dublin half-back line, got dragged out of place often. RATING 6

JACK MCCAFFREY: Late addition to the team having been named in reserve and set up one point for Paul Flynn after a brilliant run but was subbed at half-time, possibly on account of the arrival of the more physical Christy Toye to the mix. RATING 5

MICHAEL DARRAGH MACAULEY: Blazed one wide late on in the second half that seemed to sum up his afternoon. Coughed up ball in possession and never really penetrated when taking the ball into tackles in the second half. RATING 6

CIAN O'SULLIVAN: Marked Ódhran MacNiallais and late on, Ryan McHugh, at various stages of the game, both of whom excellent throughout. Another to fall well shy of his seasonal best. RATING 6

PAUL FLYNN: Fought nobly until the very end. Kicked four brilliant long range points but like the rest, couldn't pierce the Donegal rearguard in any meaningful way late on. RATING 8

ALAN BROGAN: Broke roughly even with Karl Lacey. Kiced two points from play and hit two wides. His passing game never got going but only because Dublin were set up to run. RATING 7

DIARMUID CONNOLLY: Chances are, Dublin would have won had he scored that goal in the 24th minutes. Otherwise had his best performance since that St Patrick's Day display. Kicked four points from play, two of the absolute highest quality, and a free. RATING 8

CORMAC COSTELLO: Showed a couple of encouraging flashes but couldn't escape the sticky attentions of Paddy McGrath. Kicked a wide in the first half but along with Eoghan O'Gara, the only other starting Dublin forward held scoreless from play. RATING 5

EOGHAN O'GARA: Showed for ball plenty but fumbled it plenty too under the most intense of pressure from Éamonn McGee. Miscued pass to Bernard Brogan in the first half might have cost Dublin a goal. Subbed after 47 minutes. RATING 5

BERNARD BROGAN: His second missed free in the second half drew more cheers from the Donegal crowd than many of their own scores.Kicked two points off Neil McGee but other than that, cut a frustrated figure. RATING 6


NICKY DEVEREUX: Came on at half-time having been left off the named side. Most likely, stopped a fourth Donegal goal from being scored after some lightening back-tracking but never threatened to go past Donegal players in possession. RATING 6

KEVIN MCMANAMON: Won a couple of frees but also skewed Dublin's best goal chance of that frantic finish wide to the right. RATING 6

DEAN ROCK: Didn't get on the ball enough on a day not particularly suited to his RATING 6

PADDY ANDREWS: Managed two points but came in too late to make a more sustained impact. RATING 7

DARREN DALY: Replaced the injured Cooper at a time when the game was largely over. RATING 6

PAUL MANNION: Added as Dublin required goal late on but didn't manage to touch the ball after his arrival. RATING 6

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