Sunday 17 December 2017


Alan Nolan: One of the few Dubs to emerge in credit, repelling three shots on goal from Colin Fennelly, a John Power rebound and Pádraig Walsh, while showing great hands under a high first half ball. RATING 8

Shane Durkin: Started on John Power, who took him for an early point. Battled manfully but not his usual assured himself, reflected by Power's block-down on his attempted clearance in the second quarter. RATING 6

Peter Kelly: A long way off his stellar All Star standard, especially when it came to clearing his lines. Almost coughed up a goal chance when he was blocked down by Eoin Larkin after 25 minutes. RATING 5

Paul Schutte: Arguably the pick of Dublin's full-back line, even though he was the only one replaced, just after the hour. Started on Walter Walsh, who fended off his man for one point but otherwise was well held. RATING 6

Stephen Hiney: Singled out by his manager for special praise, and you could see why. True, TJ Reid managed two points from play but in the context of his recent form, that qualifies as something of a success for Hiney. RATING 8

Liam Rushe: Didn't start at the very top of his game but hurled his way into the contest, and heroics at times in the second half with some finger-in-the-dyke defending. RATING 8

Michael Carton: Not quite the Mister Reliable we have come to expect. An ill-judged crossfield pass initiated a bout of Dublin dithering that could have led to a goal. Started the second half with a long-range wide, the type of chance he often nails. RATING 6

Joey Boland: Not his finest hour - or, rather, 41 minutes. One first half wide, one into the 'keeper's hands and conceded a converted free for holding on too long in possession. RATING 5

Johnny McCaffrey: Richie Hogan was the game's dominant midfielder and Dublin's skipper was never quite able to wrestle the initiative from him. But what if he'd found the net after 49 minutes, with Dublin just trailing by five? We'll never know, thanks to Paul Murphy's diving intervention. RATING 6

Ryan O'Dwyer: Hit Dublin's first wide, then picked up his trademark yellow for a high (albeit not malicious) tackle on JJ Delaney. His 29th minute exit was doubtless partially for fear of a second card. RATING 5

David O'Callaghan: The most ceaselessly hard-working member of a chronically under-performing attack. Won the early penalty, tracked back to prevent a possible goal chance for Cillian Buckley, took his point well and set up that McCaffrey goal chance too. RATING 7

Colm Cronin: Drifted in and out, but his first big incursion was a lethal one, accelerating away from Jackie Tyrrell and then two other back-pedalling Cats for his goal. Added a point before the break, then saw another goal chance at a key juncture saved. RATING 7

Conal Keaney: Feet of clay from the hero of Wexford Park. No quibble with his decision to take his point from the early penalty, but his first touch was most un-Keaney-like and various positional switches failed to kickstart his day. Gone after 50 minutes. RATING 5

Alan McCrabbe: Another key forward who failed to leave any significant impact. Was arguably ill-suited to playing near the edge of the square, especially when aerial bombs descended from the heavens. Three pointed frees, one wide, and very little else. RATING 5

Danny Sutcliffe: Just back from his broken hand, and the relative lack of match practice told. Started in the corner but immediately roamed. Won an early pointed free and clipped an excellent score just before the break, but in between he was burned at one stage by Cillian Buckley and, on another, dispossessed by Eoin Larkin. RATING 5


Conor McCormack: An assist for Sutcliffe's point and then a huge point from halfway, but his influence waned thereafter. RATING 6

Niall McMorrow: Tried hard, blocked down Richie Hogan (no mean feat) but blotted his copybook with two wides. RATING 5

Paul Ryan: Took his point sharply while a brilliant flicked pass released Cronin for his second goal chance. RATING 6

David Treacy: Saw very little ball in his 20 minutes on the pitch. RATING 5

Niall Corcoran: Entered the fray just as his colleagues were wilting. RATING 5

- compiled by Frank Roche

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